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Ms. Batool Soltan


Ms. Batool Soltani two years ago (2007 AD) when it was one of the leading members of the MKO , which was isolated. him in 1965 in Isfahan, born in  Iran in 1986 along with her ​​husband Thursday to join the MKO he left. He and his wife  from Pakistan in 1987, when the children of his two-month data was entered Iraq and were in Camp Ashraf. Her second child is born in Iraq .

When in 1991, MEK leaders Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, the forced divorce application to the Za declared he had been separated from his wife and began to send their children to Europe.  in section 5 year old girl  he SA Wade and 6-month-old boyhe was sent to Holland,  but both were sent with a fake identity as a mother, she is still unable to see them after 15 years.Although the organization's mission in the interval between years (1994 to 1997) was transferred from Iraq to England, but the term  can also see the children is not Sh. Two decades of his life he has spent with the PMOI and the organization was led by Council. He  was in late 2006 the castle Ashraf in Iraq and the risk of sacrificing his life to escape U.S. forces and their headquarters inside Camp Ashraf to bring Tyf. The point of it since all their efforts in order to expose the nature of the MKO is used, but due to his close relationship with MKO leader Massoud Rajavi and the MKO leadership at the highest level of 



Interview with Ms. Batool Soltani former member of Iran Pen MKO leadership part First



Iran plans to pen site in the presence of Ms. Batool Soltani former member of the MKO leadership in Europe, in a multi-part interview with him to do. Readers are asked if you have any questions in connection with its organization to address issues related to Iran items Web site can send staff to be discussed with Ms. Soltani.  with


Iran News item:

Thank you, Ms. Soltani, who will participate in this dialogue, my first question about the latest situation of Mojahedin Khalq in Iraq. As you know that while the Iraqi government seriously wants the MEK out of this country. The Iraqi government's argument is that these organizations shared a close collaboration with the former Iraqi regime led by Saddam Hussein in the killing of Shiites and Kurds as well as that of Saddam Hussein has worked. While officials say the Iraqi government is basically a terrorist group's presence in its territory is contrary to the constitution of Iraq.در آخرین اقدام دولت عراق موقتا خواستار جابجایی آنها از محل فعلی قرار قرارگاه اشرف به محل دیگری شده است و در همین ارتباط نیروهای عراقی روز پانزدهم دسامبر 2009 به کمپ اشرف که مجاهدین خلق ایرانی در آن ساکن هستند وارد شده و ساکنین آن را از قصد دولت They were informed to move to Baghdad in the coming days, but the MEK leader Massoud Rajavi continues to obstruct, the Iraqi government also now provides restraint. You finally decided to see how the Iraqi government. Do we see a near future we leave the MKO members from Iraq? If you insist on ideological and political roots of MKO leader Massoud Rajavi in Iraq for the continued presence of this organization, I'll explain.


Ms. Batool Soltani:

I thank you.  But there are several reasons for opposing the Iraq Masoud Rajavi, who I'll refer to it briefly.

دلیل اول این است که رجوی در صورتیکه با خروج از اشرف موافقت کند باید قبل از آن شکست استراتژی خود را بپذیرد او نمی خواهد همین واقعیت را بپذیرد و همچون سایر مستبدان باید به او تحمیل کرد او همچنان در افکار خود فکر می کند که کمافی السابق می تواند از طریق اشرف در نزدیکی مرز با ایران عملیاتهای ترور خود را سازماندهی کند برای همین می خواهد که تشکیلاتش متلاشی نشود و رجوی هنوز نتوانسته بعد از ضربه مغزی که از سقوط صدام خورده درست فکر کند چرا که اگر درست فکر می کرد بیش ازاین با John did not play and the people in Camp Ashraf captives would be freed and armed with honesty suggests that our policy has failed. The lion's mane and Ashraf and have been mace. He lost his weapon, but is not seeking to obtain weapons of soil loss.


The second reason is that advertising is essentially blackmail the political life of Massoud Rajavi and the crisis continues and actually endangering the lives of the MKO members in Iraq could continue to make headlines as the media this summer with the killing of eleven tons to از نفرات قلعه تا مدتی خود را مطرح کرد تا خلاء عدم حضور در صحنه سیاسی ایران را پر کند.


The third reason is that the bleeding and get involved with the police and Iraqi officials, the explosion of advertising, working for the people who sent him abroad and European countries and America and provides the organization has launched its own so that I remember from this point the beating heart for the troops and supporters in other parts of the world uses.

د لیل چهارم رجوی برای حضور در عراق این است از موضع سرگرم نگاهداشتن بدنه سازمان در اشرف است چرا که اگر اینها قدم به جهان آزاد بگذارند به قول خودش که در نشستهای درونی می گفت هر کدام یک منتقد سازمان خواهند شد و همچون سایر جداشدگان دست به against organized by Massoud Rajavi to expose some of them will then be able to beat Mark mercenary regime.

The last reason he wants to keep the castle Ashraf in Iraq in the next step to continue to work in the former Iraqi society according to each situation will continue and this may explain in this space it is not enough and that until that brief Saddam was no conspiracy and complicity with the crimes of Saddam and his landlord, and I did not assume a short Alryys SM tanks and fighting vehicles were gifts Vmrz bush to attack Iran without such a policy did not adhere to our original as we saw after How many Americans that the fall of Saddam and Rajavi who gave the slogan 'Death to America and American Sharshan read out the house get on the field but quickly change their ways, and these slogans were removed and the political opportunism, not دشمن مشترک خود را خلع سلاح کرد و با آنها بر سر میز مذاکره نشست و سعی کرد با شرایط جدید عراق در دولت عراق و پارلمان عراق نفوذ کند تشکیل میلیشیای عراقی و دعوت گسترده از نمایندگان عراقی و جذب و استخدام آنها به هر شیوه ممکن از جمله Their work was continued acts of terrorism and subversive organization and now it wants to stay because the dismantling of Ashraf Ashraf Rajavi, the shop will be closed.


Iran News item:

You Shbthaytan Europe and in dialogue with some of the MPs in Parliament to discuss "human shields" in Camp Ashraf in Iraq mentioned in the same relation to the debate that was going on in the organization's leadership and promise you Mahvash Sepehri and M. Jamshidi and M. piety refers to whatyou may need further explanation in this case essentially argued that "human shields" in what was the organization's leadership?

Ms. Batool Soltani:

Briefly led the cult lives of more than 3,500 people officially presented at the meetings of the Leadership Council, a conservation organization in Iraq, including the Leadership Council meetings he has said frankly that the protection of human M. I as the last year. REMEMBER to در مصاحبه با بنیاد خانواده سحر گفتم و هشدار دادم که او اینکار را خواهد کرد و گفته ام در تابستان گذشته یعنی شش ماه بعد اثبات شد بطوریکه دیدیم با ورود و نزدیک شدن پلیس به این به قول مسعود رجوی تشکیلات اشرف که ستون فقرات مسعود رجوی است چگونه او دستور درگیر شدن به هر نحو حتی برغم تمایل پلیس مسعود رجوی آفرید و جان یازده نفر را گرفت و تعداد زیادی مجروح و بعد هم اعتصاب غذا و شکنجه های جسمی و روحی دیگر که مسبب آن کسی جز مسعود رجوی نیست همچنانکه همین روزها هم در Conference call meetings in absentia and will broadcast the program Tavyzyvny how they will remember it as clear victory. And how in the world of silence and inaction in the number of human shields to protect the castle and he has captured. Even in the council meetings was discussed further and also eating and expelling Mujahideen Khalq Organization from Iraq, Camp Ashraf was raised in the same relationship. I mean to say that human tragedy is quite clear. I go on a suicide system that is based on collective self-immolation.


 Iran News item:

Do this discussion in meetings of the Leadership Council of MKO in Iraq had been raised? Massoud Rajavi discussed whether to execute "shield" or the more detailed planning of the tasks I was given?

Ms. Batool Soltani:

Yes, all this stuff I within Massoud Rajavi clearly posed in relations and in-class leadership. Under the protection of Camp Ashraf, even as the price of souls should be done. Individual or collective suicide, ultimately killing the price. This issue was already discussed that if I wanted to give human migration, you should do what. Rajavi said the question facing the people is that if you do will give you a forced migration. The following question was raised the same issue of human shields. It was then argued that if even to Camp Ashraf to Iraqi forces would be what police work. I know that Iraqis have a longstanding grudge with the mujahideen. One of his reasons is the friendship and relationship with Saddam and the terrorist organization, however, was Saddam's army. Since Saddam's repression of opposition and in need wherever they found Saddam, the PMOI were present. On the same principle in whatever circumstances they should prepare themselves what they should do.The same procedure on the base of the new Iraqi government is falling when they were planning. Protection based on protection of Camp Ashraf, Massoud's leadership council, which meant I was afraid that I am at the center of the institution and the protection of "Shane" (letter "Shin" in the organization of the summary can be used for members of the Leadership Council ) the wretched woman is at first a human shield to protect himself and thousands of other layers. اینجا همانگونه که مشاهده می کنید همه چیز حول یک بازو و اهرم استراتژیک رجوی سازماندهی و متمرکز شده است یعنی شورای رهبری و تمام احتمالات و میزی که رجوی می چیند یکسره به این تشکل مرتبط و پیوند می خورد. 
بطور استراتژیک رجوی حفظ اشرف را به مثابه within its strategic leverage for suicide bombers and human shields as possible to understand how organizations can actually claim to be an example, we see that happening. از تابستان گذشته که بگذریم در جریان دستگیری مریم رجوی سازمان با به آتش کشیدن افراد خودش در کشورهای حتی اروپایی ثابت کرد تا چه اندازه متکی به سپر انسانی است و در چرخه تشکیلاتی خودش چه افراد بخواهند یا نخواهند می تواند خط و خطوط خودش را پیش ببرد persuade and convince herself that person's wishes and does not even have. So as far as the exercise of individual freedom and the relationship is concerned there will be no resistance to the demands of the organization. Unless you could end up using a complex scheme to separate himself from the ties and flee. What I like. Moreover, it is now possible to 
TIPF also been canceled and people do not see any holes through the way out for themselves.And you see that the stomata are fully closed and their families meet the mercenary Marc's ministry. I say this because people have no choice except to give the tone. Massoud said they approved of the meetings and these people should be treated first Manypvlh those years and have been brainwashed.


Ms. Batool Soltani meeting of the Leadership Council of MKO in Iraq


 Iran News item:

من فکر می کنم شماهم با این تعریف موافق هستید که ساختار تشکیلاتی و ایدئولوژیکی سازمان مجاهدین ، دقیقاً ساختار یک فرقه تمام عیار است و طبعا اطاعت کورکورانه و ایدئولوژیک نیز به دلیل سال ها اعمال و بکارگیری روش های مغزشویی یکی از نتایج و ویژگی های آن است ، اما با این وصف آیا مواردی از تمرد و سرپیچی از خودسوزی یا خودکشی در بین اعضای سازمان وجود نداشت یا رهبری سازمان برای جلوگیری از اعتراض و سرپیچی چه روش هایی را اعمال می کرد؟


 Ms. Batool Soltani:

The part of your question that members of suicide or suicidal defiance must also say that you yourself do you remember what the organization with the same technological level in the June 2003 arrest of Maryam Rajavi in Paris and was burning in front of members. در آن مقطع مسعود اعلام کرده بود که اگر بخاطر آزادی مریم ما هستی خود را به آتش بکشیم، باز کم کرده ایم و بعد ازما که شورای رهبری بودیم لیست می گرفتند که چه کسانی درخواست خودسوزی نداده اند روی این افراد حساس باشید ما می دیدیم این became a criterion that the index and see who has or has not requested. At that time I was among those who had not yet requested suicide, but then I saw that as the responsible parties to account for both forced and shy so I asked my self. I ask because I saw no problem with anyone Dygrhml the problem and the organization is considered, so I'm asking. But despite all the requests I insisted that no action should take place spontaneously. We do not want even a drop of blood that will be poured without the organization. A drop of blood being spilled or attempted self-immolation and suicide, without coordination and direction and command of the organization is like beating the water in the mortar. Flexibility to do so on the following measures were sensitivity. They do not take voluntary actions, unless we give it direction and command. خوب با این وضعیت معلوم بود که همه خودسوزی های فرانسه با دستور و سمت و سو دادن سازمان بوده است اتفاقا سر همین موضوع با مژگان پارسایی بحثم شد و به او گفتم من درخواست خودسوزی کرده ام و می خواهم بروم مقابل مقر کاویانی روبروی مقر امریکایی ها burned myself. I wanted to see what she says and what Vaknshsh regarding my request. If you're self here we've lost a member of the Leadership Council and the water from moving water is unchanged. We do want to do maximum political exploitation. If you see it in France or England would be because it is advertising.



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