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Said Shahsavandi

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New  Said Shahsavandi, guest in other words, in 1348, when a student at University of Shiraz, who stepped in the way of his death overshadowed the first, the government sought to take his life and later was a fellow, both before and after One of the armed struggle of the Iranian revolution as he was arrested and tortured in prison. But because of his guards to release him and went to Europe? 
whether his former fellow-fighter of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry has accused him as a traitor and collaborator? He is currently looking into the political struggle and the Iranian society finds itself in where? 
broadcast date: 28/02/2012

Mr. Saeed Shahsavandi, the program "In other words," Welcome. I will serve. Mr. Shahsavandi, you were once one of the MKO leaders and comrades, many of the heroes of this organization. But now that your organization will be considered traitors and Khvdfrvkhth and fellow Iranian Intelligence Ministry. Why should they ask this before anything else ... They have their explanations, I would love to hear from you because you beat the charge. in organizations such as MEK, an organization that my membership when it and when I was a member of its central staff in such organizations are not people from outside the organization, people get fired.When people are in critical positions on a series of issues that are critical stance of the organization, including the MKO organization and any organization can not accept that they are critical, because the critical and often do not recognize the contrapuntal , so this person will be expelled from the beginning and this is the person being called traitors. Relations in these organizations is zero and one hundred black and white, or servant, and being the hero and the arrowhead on the apex of evolution and history, if you're killed, or being a traitor and a collaborator or accomplice of imperialism and the like. ولی، آقای شاهسوندی، ممکن است انتقادات زیادی به سازمان مجاهدین خلق وارد باشد به شکلی که شما می گویید، از نقطه نظر نوع فعالیت و نوع سازمانی که این سازمان است. But they rely on your cooperation with Iran in television interviews as well as criticism of the People's Mojahedin Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran has called that way. These charges will be based on that you know the traitors and Khvdfrvkhth. service do you explain the width of these charges is not my destiny.Accusations that they do to me, perhaps you have refused to say it, is that I was in prison torturer, July can I get rid of political prisoners, I was raped women prisoners, and charges that each of them Right is stronger than any other man can not curse. Why would these accusations is how the previous conflicts that I had with them. to know them properly and when I was in prison, the prison, Mr. Mohsen Rezae, the MEK's leaders, in response to a question my wife You said that you think television has come willingly to the interview and came with his feet, my wife said no, we know that forced him to have. Azqza He has added that those who give television interviews of ordinary people are tortured. In response to questions from his wife, the then deputy member and Central Committee was then organized, Mr. Mohsen Rezae says it has interviewed Saeed to the detriment of the organization. He says that there are actually forced into, the system under question mark does not negate the obligation of people to interview. The prisoners here are also victims of the torturers and friends yesterday, and they have confirmed the, Mr. Shahsavandi, the MKO who actually differed with you, I've found that you think critically The result is that you beat the charge. a trend [is], and after the critical first molest and then separated on the MKO is a process. I'm not someone who was a sympathizer of today and tomorrow to join the organization or become separated Sabahi and I go to work. All the love of my life when I was a teenager, was summarized in this organization and the organization's ideals. So when I join this organization in 1348, the organization is still called "MEK" is not on its own. From 1348 to 1367, nearly twenty years.Twenty years in my youth and love and affection that a man can give to others I gave to this organization and the ideals of this organization. molest me was in fact a process that gradually began. This particular protest was when my buds after 30 June 1360 with the establishment of radio partisans like few others, I was in Kurdistan. We learn to live the invitation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party office went to the doctor Ghassemlou. I was one of the founder of radio partisans, but I also was an author and speaker in the technology sector helped. Later in the same relationship with the living memory of the late doctor applies Shrfkndy to Paris that it was the residence of Mr. Massoud Rajavi, who he went to join the NCR, and I'd like the larger stations. the risk of conflicts of safe houses in Tehran and city, the way we were safe in Kurdistan. The open space in Kurdistan, I felt that the conditions [MEK] in the time period of armed struggle and armed struggle started in the Islamic Republic [as] still applies even in the open environment of Kurdistan. to what the ?relations organization was by no means democratic, with our political allies were not true at all. I remember this really mean and width for me, the journey that I went to France, Mr. Abbas judge was present, Mr. Bani-Sadr and Mr. Massoud Rajavi, with its new aircraft were known. Mr. Abbas judgment ... the judgment of Mr. Abbas's exactly what Mr. Abbas's judgment of 5 people in those days was a member of the Political Bureau of the MKO terrorist was also the head office and versatile and I think he is still in to Camp Ashraf. We had our friends, our friends from the prison and the prison cells were familiar with and I still have respect for them. Abbas arbitration case it showed me just how many days the new honeymoon NCR, a case later disclosures showed me that this case is Mr. Bani-Sadr, it was like a sledgehammer to my head.I'm not a supporter of Mr. Bani-Sadr, and he was not interested and now my opinions may differ with him to do, but my head was like a sledgehammer. means of evidence against him was provided that these do indeed head Bzngah do.imagine was that short-term future, we'll rule. But, Mr. Shahsavandi, you have the heat of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization in 1360 criticize you, but you still also have important responsibilities in the organization and Mandyd.First, why did it occur to you if this criticism, and secondly, why take it out of the organization? in response to your question, I gave this update. At the same time that we had several encounters I had to reflect this. The index [i] I was that despite the large radio transmitter unit with Mujahid and I've made ​​my effort was made ​​just after 19 Persian date Bahman 1360 that the Iraqi Airways, Aljvyh lines Iraqiya, to Sulaymaniyah and I went to Iran, along with a radio transmitter was suspended in a letter to myself from my own relations, without wondering what this letter. A sealed letter was written, I was suspended. When I gave the letter to local authorities in Kurdistan Organization, he was surprised, Mr. Hassan Mehrabi. I wonder who he wrote this letter but I have asked that I convey to you. But just announced the suspension of membership, and no layoffs, ... I was so attached to this organization and its ideals, that is right for you if it was suicide for years and years many people have closed and people in Friday prayers to bomb Ayatollah a variety of their bomb. Impact resulting from this work, a letter which I had brought along my own without any debate in Paris with me that I speak not only of objections, a letter was written to me ... what year was this? in 1360 . same in 1360, but nevertheless you're actually a little more open when you raise the issue of 1364. Is that true? Yes. But with all this talk, Mr. Shahsavandi, in the "Eternal Light", or the vision of "tools", you have company. If you have all criticized the organization and sentenced to suspended yourself, you were taken to Kurdistan, why did you go in the Eternal Light Corporation How do I repeat this, that the emotional attachment that not a one-day One day they go away. Second, and this is an important key point, which for years other than the prospect can not see a way of MEK, an element that wants to be a fighter. This phenomenon is the fact that I have a "vicious cycle" have been named. At the time of the year was not seen any evidence of evolution. Means of closing all the way up and down and with the various massacres and executions that actually helped the mujahideen to be the only way to escape.Human will and the active (activated) is a fighter and wants to be passive and passive (passive) or a zigzag to stay in this organization, I find that zigzag fluctuations. One problem is when the protest will be peaceful again and again to protest, to break the outline. that the MEK has also repeatedly stated that you desire for yourself and your written request and where did you go Did you participate in certain operations while the organization did not then ... yes. means you are not a member of both organizations. No. that were external. no. I had announced my separation and I wrote in a letter to Mr. Rajavi, the axes of my criticisms of the organization's policy, then I said, we do not allow the current discussion, this letter is 67 pages. In the end I wrote to him with tears and sighs that I'm apart of this organization. This is my letter to the representative of the MKO in Paris, then Hosein Mahdavi, my delivery. It was Mr. Rajavi in Baghdad, 48 hours later with the handwriting of a letter he was about 12 or 13 pages that I responded to the issues. I think its written response to these objections that I myself was not made ​​public. I and Mr. Rajavi years in prison, we had the emotional ties of political relations and psychology, he knew me very well. So he wrote in a letter that invited me several times where I sit together to talk and talk with whoever you want. point that was my break, and despite the long years Zigzag, the story of the trial of Ali Zrksh and death sentence in the organization who had fought with the Islamic Republic and against the execution of those years I was fighting. The death sentence of Ali Zrksh ... but in a so-called inter-agency review was that Ali was considered Zrksh cause of many failures to your according to his death sentence was issued. not my opinion, it was issued. issued شد، بسیار خوب. بله. حالا موضوعی که اینجا پیش می آید و سازمان مجاهدین خلق درواقع شما را متهم می کند این است که شما رفتید در عملیات شرکت کردید، و شاید در آنجا با نقشه قبلی رفتید و خودتان را به ماموران جمهوری اسلامی ایران have introduced. No, it was not. The day after I was separated from the various letters, I and several other organizations are alarmed that Saeed could help these people get together and feel that breakaway threat. That's why I wrote that Mr. Rajavi to come. When I first arrived it was socially normal life, after long years of political and ideological and organizational life, and I do find a job. When the story came the resolution, the acceptance of Resolution 598, I wrote a letter brief to Mr. Rajavi was then that I said I Mylytan as a (soldier), not as a member of the organization [like in my company's operations. when entering We camp in Baghdad, the headquarters organization, there are a number of people I write if I'm killed, "said Mujahid Shahsavandi", he wrote biographies of people there. Mr. Hashem honest or sincere Mehran known as "Hashem Radio" from the fields that I worked with years before, told with humor, what to write? I write "was a Mylytan freedom, a freedom fighter was." WhyDuring these years because I had reached the zero point of philosophy, the philosophical point I felt zero. This phrase is also the story I wrote in a letter to Mr. Rajavi, remains San aging sailors in search of a treasure of truth to suffer for someone's buying. All of that went to prison and were tortured, mountains, Kurdish and other things ... I'm sorry I interrupted and the profession for the remainder of our time is very low and a lot of questions that ask you, Mr. Shahsavandi .However and whatever you're motivated and have participated in the operation and where you can talk about the severe injuries and was arrested and taken to Tehran. Is that true? Yes. but so long as you liberated in Tehran, while many underling MEK was executed, but liberated. Why my first two stages was wounded in battle, another one in the ankle and pelvis Lgnh. When I was arrested at the scene to execute me.Jbyb people through the papers on which the banners were put slogans that I even did it in a letter I wrote my name, I knew and understood that he could be a big fish that we get her torture and Naturally, we also executed later. So when I went to Tehran. I was in the hospital, all the months of August and September, I kept in the hospital while my hands were tied to the bed. I was in the hospital a long time, half of my body had been cast. I later on a stretcher from the hospital to the Joint Committee Zdkhrabkary Shah and "Unity" and put in a cell at the same time I was tortured and flogged. I did not immediately released, nearly 4 years and after 4 years I was in such detail that the story is fact and reasons that I mentioned at the same time we speak I'm liberated. Now that you either tortured are you? The first thing I wanted was that even the king of all interrogations last time I asked I was surprised at first. روی این بدن زخمی من در حالی که نصف بدن من در گچ گرفته شده بود دو نفر همزمان شلاق می زدند یکی به پشت و دیگری به کف پا. ولی سوال من این بود که چه می خواستند، از شما می خواستند که بیایید و در مصاحبه TV companies do in the beginning, no. Initially residents thought the one hand because my name was announced at the organization's central committee members of the list, on the other hand I knew personally many of the leaders, in prison at the time, so the big fish to me I was set. The other day while I was fishing, I was not a fan, I Mylytan an isolated individual (soldier) was released, but I would pay it for years after. it is true that some may also be a part of your freedom Mr Khamenei, who has himself played?He said that Mr. Shahsavandi his life to his dead to eat our pain? whole profession is true, but with an Introduction. More help with my freedom, my opinion, belongs to Mr. Massoud Rajavi, and he played the greatest role in my release. Why?When I am in prison, Mr. Rajavi long time knows that I am in prison, 6 months of torture I was going and they think I'm dead, my wife and said congratulations and condolences left for Celebration, Camp Ashraf Saeed said they were successful. I understand that I am alive, because I already have with the mujahideen was critical that I'm wrong, otherwise I have a list of critical positions, and despite your help is critical and prison has also been tortured and that prison time is 6 months. 6 months I have had the same address, including the Dubai Center (Center) with MEK was there I had the address and I could give these addresses, these addresses were not caught any of them thought it was I would've been killed. I understand that I am alive, he said the organization's policies, however, that the Islamic Republic to be killed, we should also Brvysh. I began cursing against the vilification led the Islamic Republic would be surprised that what has happened. But Mr. Shahsavandi, sorry I'll stop talking to you because Frstman is very low and it is good that the main issues Finally it is decided that Mr. Khamenei and others when you decide that your life is better than any of the pain eats up your dead, and you are free, but in practice this MEK be fixed, because you speak against your organization can participate in a television interview and, according to the MEK, it may also have collaborated with the Ministry of Information. This letter is quite correct, the first time I also told her that Mr Khamenei was president at that time by the friends of Mr. Saeed Hajjarian actually drop the reform within the Islamic Republic are those, I must bring, such as Mr. Nader Sadighi, who was among the friends of Mr. Hajjarian came to visit me in prison. They had asked for, at first did not believe that's my problem, I thought this is a black business and black and the game will do so that I could save them under pressure. Then they saw these pressures and this is cursing so much believe that I have with the organization. This question was asked later why? The question raised was reflected in the government bulletin, these same men later told me if I did not know then, and on the sidelines of one of these stories were written about me, Mr. Khamenei, who mistakenly writes "Sa'adati" Do not repeat this one's about ...I do not execution? I do not execution. MR was sentenced to 10 years in prison because Sa'adati and had no role in Persian date Khordad 30 Asadullah blue door closes and the phone off to prison, Mohammad Ali Rajai, despite the phone, they executed him, in the memoirs of Mr. Rafsanjani The time has come. now they charge you that you have collaborated with the Ministry of Information, do you work? I called your name and address of people you Lou? me when I was released from prison, after 4 years, I published a statement, not as a statement to the name "God" was not named "Hero of the People of Iran "he did not name any of them, but the name of" truth "was. During these years I thought I had found my transformation, I had to rebuild myself, it was not a philosophical point that I wanted to go to zero, to be killed in Operation Eternal Light, it was not, but I found a new belief, that not Mojahedin of the Islamic beliefs and no beliefs.statement called the "truth" I wrote and published, and it told me that none of these accusations are not true. I got ready in every corner and at the NLA bases including that it was under Saddam Hussein, I am willing to participate and come to you and your witnesses and any claims made ​​against me tell you, I'd say the critiques. Each was given a court ruling that the Sma I and Tata to obey my eyes. No news is not only repeated the last words. Now, what has happened in Iran during this period, especially after the last presidential election. What is your position, Mr. Shahsavandi? You are now part of Iran's politics you stand as if in a classic formula to tell you today that I know myself a social democrat. I believe that social justice and socialism, but I still believe that socialism without democracy and social justice, experience has shown, that the researcher is not really a big black hole that eats into our generation. The classic definition of political terms. utmost far, I still believe in separation of religion and politics, I'm better separation of religion and ideology within the policy ... of course, many believe, and this fact can be formulated in a manner that separation of religion and "rule" rather than "politics" ... exactly. because of religious intellectuals believe that faith can remain in politics ... Yes, a person can participate in politics to do with religious belief ... you meant the separation religion and politics, or the rule? meant separation of religion and state. very good. the government's religious beliefs based on religious or ideological government that is formed, instead of that we bring heaven to hell so far has shown that brings, we saw examples of it in all the world.It is my belief, nowadays. But the reality may not be realized today, all my wishes and not easy to afford it, politics is the science facilities. Developments in 1354 in MEK ideology of Marxism, or to be more accurate to speak of Stalinism, Majid Sharif was aware of a traitor, traitor was number two Morteza Smdyh Discussion, and number three was me traitor, and traitors in the eyes when the verdict is. I know that Majid Sharif took to the shambles, a few hours before it was with me and we both had to say goodbye. The image and the work that we've all invested those years I was for long years, to stand and "no" to say against such systems. If true 10 years later against the death penalty for Ali Zrksh, which was the same system and same ink, my resistance was correct to rely on its former past. Thank you very much, Mr. Saeed Shahsavandi, the company in the "other". Thank you. Thank you, Thank you.

Date:  2012-04-01

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