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National Council of Resistance (Mojahedin Khalq Rajavi cult) terrorist Group HQ in France

  National Council of Resistance (Mojahedin Khalq Rajavi cult) terrorist Group HQ in France


MKO Watch, November 2008

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A Terrorist Group with Different Faces, A Survey of Terrorist Nature of MEK, PMOI, NCRI & NLA


A Terrorist Group with Different Faces

One of the main threats to the international community emanates today from terrorist–cult organisations. Having enjoyed a cult background, some of these terrorist groups have achieved more in terms of recruiting new members, deceiving young people and committing cultish and terrorist acts.

Out of these groups, there are some which indeed have a cultish nature and have adapted terrorist approaches, yet they have managed to conceal their terrorist nature and present themselves as political parties with the intention of exploiting the facilities of governments and international organisations to the advantage of their own cult. These cult – terrorist organisations pose a greater danger and are capable of recruiting more volunteers which will inevitably result in more victims. Any attempt to quell these cult- terrorist organisations should begin with casting light on their true nature followed by exposing them to the international community and bringing them to justice.

One of the groups which best represents cult – terrorist organisations is the National Council of Resistance of Iran ( NCRI ). The principles and modus operandi NCRI follows, caused the US State Department to designate the group along with the Mojahedin-e-Khalq ( MKO / MEK ) and the National Liberation Army (NLA) as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation. Having been designated as a terrorist group in the US, NCRI has managed to cover its true nature in Europe and present itself as a democratic group. This cover-up has enabled NCRI to work publicly and actively, taking advantage of the facilities and support of the European governments, international organisations and NGOs.

This paper tries to study and analyze in depth the cult – like characteristics of NCRI, its formation, leadership, members, objectives, modus operandi and its terrorist approaches in a documented manner so that any judgment as to whether it is a cult – terrorist group or not, would be quite precise . All the documents referred to in this paper come from NCRI’s own sources and references and also from MKO/NLA, groups already included in the list of terrorist groups drawn up by the European Union and the United States.

Proscribed Terrorist cult HQ in Rue Des Gords, Auvers Sur Oise,  France

Proscribed Terrorist cult HQ in Rue Des Gords, Auvers Sur Oise,  France


Leadership and Echelons

Masoud Rajavi

Masoud Rajavi was born in Tabas, Iran in 1948. He joined a politico-ideological group known as Anti-Baha’ism Association when he was studying political law at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Law at the University of Tehran. In 1972, he received his BA in Law. Four years before, he had already made acquaintances with the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI/MKO) and started his activities in that group’s Political and Publicity Division.

Masoud Rajavi accompanied a visiting delegation from MKO to Jordan. The members of the delegation were sup-posed to receive military training in Al-Fat’h Organisation’s13 training centres. Masoud Rajavi was playing the role of inter-preter in that delegation.

Having returned home in 1972, he was promoted into the second stratum of the central cadre of the MKO and became a member of the twelve-member Central Committee of the Mojahedin. In the same year, mass-arrests of the heads as well as active members of the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI, MKO) took place by then Home Intelligence and Security Service -SAVAK (the Shah’s secret service). Masoud Rajavi was among those who had been arrested by the Security Service of the Shah Regime.14

Subsequent to the mass arrests, four members of MKO were executed. Justifying the amnesty offered to Masoud Rajavi by the ex-Shah’s regime, a press release quoted the security authorities of the Pahlavi Regime as saying: “… Based upon the fact that he [Masoud Rajavi] has heartily co-operated during interrogations and revealed the members of MKO Society and collaborated to full extent which paved the ground for detection of MKO network by the security agents thor-oughly, His Majesty’s Order prescribes the commutation of his death sentence to life imprisonment with hard labour.”15 Notwithstanding the tangible facts and evidences that proves Rajavi’s collab-oration with The Home Intelligence and Security Service - SAVAK (the Shah’s secret service), MKO has always tried to conceal the fact and emphasized in all its literature, published after the revolu-tion of 1979, that his death sentence was reprieved only because of international pressure on the regime and because of the campaign of Kazem Rajavi, Masoud’s brother, started in Switzerland.

Accusations brought against Masoud Rajavi and other arrested members of the Central Committee of MKO were as follows:

“comprehensive and multi-faceted measures to recruit the new members, procuring arms and ammunitions, improvising ammunitions and flammable materials, establishing ties with Al-Fat’h Organisation (The Liberation Front of Palestine), the Ba’ath Government of Iraq, and Iranian Students’ Confederation in the European Countries and receiving financial support from that con-federation, hijacking an aircraft flying from Dubai to Baghdad, armed assault on Shahram pahlavinia, and the last, but not necessarily the least, destroying the electricity-dispatching lattice towers simultaneous to the celebrations for 2500th Anniversary of foundation of Iran’s Kingdom.

As the Islamic Revolution swept away the monarchy and gained victory in 1979, Masoud Rajavi was released from prison. Since that time on, Rajavi tried to take up the most prominent role, and did his best to regroup and increase the size of MKO via gaining recruits from among the youth and the establishment of new principles and disciplines in the group.

Bearing in mind the fact that MKO’s philosophy mixes Marxism and Islam and possesses an eclectical ideology (which was never accepted by the Iranian people), and due to lack of  popular support inside the country for MKO, Rajavi resorted to his terror strategy and announced officially an armed conflict with the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the nation on 20 June, 1981. On this day, Masoud Rajavi orchestrated a cruel and savage military show and ordered the armed contingents and members of his cult to rush onto the streets and begin the terrorist phase of their struggle against the Government of Iran. Via this movement, they erroneously expected to spark a general uprising.

In 1981, MKO blew up the head office of the Islamic Republic Party (28 June 1981) with bombs which resulted in the death of Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti, Chief of Justice, 4 ministers, 27 MPs and some other high-ranking officials. This terror campaign went on to blow up the office of the Prime Minister on 30 August, 1981, killing both President Mohammad-Ali Rajaei, and his Premier Mohammad-Javad Bahonar.16

Following the terrorist activities of MKO ordered by Masoud Rajavi, and the political devel-opments which followed later and caused the presidency of Aboulhassan Bani Sadr to become shaky, the Majlis (Iran’s Parliament) dismissed Bani Sadr from his position as the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran in July 1981. In that atmosphere and in an attempt to bring the supporters of Bani Sadr onto his side, Rajavi intensified the terrorist activities of his cult and declared that he would support the ousted President.

Following the defeat of the Comprehensive Terrorist Operations launched by MKO, the terrorist cult was forced to go underground and both Bani Sadr and Rajavi went  into hiding. A few weeks later, on July 29, 1981, Masoud Rajavi and Bani Sadr, accompanied by some other people, fled from Tehran to Paris in a hijacked Iranian military aircraft and applied for asylum.  

While in France and in order to take advantage of the reputation of Aboul Hassan Bani Sadr in France, Masoud Rajavi married the daughter of Bani Sadr, Firouzeh, in a marriage of convenience. The passage of time unveiled Rajavi’s true nature and let Firouzeh, as well as her father, discover his despotic personality. That marriage could not last for a long time and Firouzeh Bani Sadr divorced Rajavi, as her father had already distanced himself from him.

Following a few secret meetings with Iraqi Ba’ath officials, Rajavi left France for Iraq on 7 June, 1987, where he was given a warm welcome by the authorities of Saddam’s regime. Having settled down in Iraq, Rajavi issued a decree in which he ordered members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in Europe who held simultaneously membership of MKO, to travel to Iraq and reside therein. In the context of that decree, the NCRI was actually inactive in the European countries.

Rajavi, who presided over NCRI at the same time, founded the National Liberation Army of Iran (NLA)  in 1988 and installed himself as the commander-in-chief of the NLA. All the heads of MKO, who were simultaneously members of NCRI as well, approved resumption of terrorist activities as soon as NLA had been established. With the outbreak of war in Iraq in 2003 as the result of the US-led invasion of Iraq, Rajavi chose to remain in Iraq and continued to steer MKO/NLA and NCRI. When the hostilities ended in Iraq which resulted in the raiding of MKO’s terrorist bases by American forces and the obligatory disarmament of MKO members ( never on a voluntary basis ), Rajavi sud-denly disappeared and there is currently no news of his whereabouts. In his absence, his new wife, Maryam Rajavi, assumed the leadership of MKO/NLA/NCRI. Masoud Rajavi is charged with and wanted by international agencies on charges of commanding and complicity in terrorist activities and the killing of innocent civilians.


Maryam Rajavi

Maryam Ghadjar Azedanloo was born in 1953 in Tehran.

She joined the terrorist group MKO/PMOI in 1978 and started her covert activities in its “Schools and Universities Section” in Iran and continued her political activities as one of the activists of the student movement while studying at the University.

In 1979, she married Mehdi Abrishamchi, a senior mem-ber of MKO.

When MKO’s leadership announced publicly and openly its armed strategy to overthrow the government and subse-quently started its terror campaign inside the country in 1982, the Iranian government decided to crack down on the terror-ist group which made Maryam flee to France and take refuge

in Paris. Once in France, she began her job as the Head of Masoud Rajavi’s Office in his Headquarters. She collaborated very closely with Rajavi and used to hold several private meetings with him over a long period of time.

In early 1985, Masoud Rajavi, who had divorced his former wife, i.e. Firouzeh Bani Sadr, married Maryam, the legal wife of Mehdi Abrishamchi. During the wedding ceremony held in a church in Paris, Masoud and Mehdi, the two husbands of Maryam, described this odd action as “the Great Modern Ideological Revolution of Mojahedin”. In a complimentary address delivered in that cere-mony, Abrishamchi stated: “The name of Masoud is a source of aspiration and motivation for Mojahedin and Militias.

I humbly thank God for bestowing upon me the favour of living in a period of time during which Masoud and Maryam are our leaders and we witness such an honourable Ideological Revolution. [17]

An insight into the developments taking place within the MKO at the time reveals the main reasons which paved the way for resorting to such actions. There is huge evidence in hand that prove the MKO has, for a very long period of time, been a leader-oriented Cult18. In other words, the inner relations within the group, especially the developments within the leadership, compelled a senior echelon of MKO, i.e. Mehdi Abrishamchi, not only to leave his wife but to also present her to the leader of the organisation. The new development demonstrates the fact that this cult has been, and currently is, under the undeniable charismatic influence and authority of a mono polistic leader.

Justifying the Modern Ideological Revolution of Mojahedin, Rajavi states: “It may raise a ques-tion in someone’s mind that why we are witnessing a divorce and then a marriage. The answer is very simple: we are determined to resolve the question of leadership for both the Iranian people as well as the Iranian woman [19]. Maryam also states: “I was also given birth by Masoud himself, like every other sister and brother of mine. Be sure that each and every Mojahed who has accepted the leadership of Masoud Rajavi is ideologically and per se a Rajavi” [20].


Maryam Rajavi and The National Council of Resistance

On 29 August, 1993, NCRI, headed by Masoud Rajavi, the leader of MKO and the chief com-mander of National Liberation Army (NLA) held a meeting in one of the terrorist camps of the group in Iraq. During the session, Mary Ghana Azedanloo (hereafter called Maryam Rajavi) was elected as president-elect of NCRI. Referring to this, Masoud Rajavi claimed that nothing could prevent the Phoenix (that is, Maryam Rajavi) from reaching her nest, even if we have to pass by rocks and cliffs and seven more oceans of blood. [21]

Following the defeat of promotional and political approaches of MKO/PMOI to represent itself in Europe as the main potential alternative to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Maryam Rajavi returned to Iraq.

Having returned to Iraq, she started her devastating efforts and prepared a comprehensive plan for conducting a chain of new terrorist attacks. In this connection, Iran Zamin newspaper quoted Masoud Rajavi, the head of NCRI and commander-in-chief of NLA, as saying, “National Liberation Army (NLA) has begun its new plan for promoting the Resistance. [22]”

Since the time Maryam Rajavi was designated by her husband, Masoud Rajavi, as the co-leader of MKO, she has intervened in all planning and terrorist operations. Maryam Rajavi has also been leading the notorious organisation (MKO/NCRI) since the US invasion of Iraq [23] in 2003 which led to the disappearance of Masoud Rajavi.  

Some of her terrorist activities are listed below:

1. According to Mojahed publication [24]: “She was designated in 1985 as the co-leader of MKO”

2. According to Simourgh (Phoenix) periodical [25]: “She was designated by her husband, Masoud Rajavi, as acting Commander-in-chief of the National Liberation Army (NLA)”;

3. According to Simourgh periodical [26]: “She was appointed by Masoud Rajavi as the First Authority of PMOI or MKO in 1990.”

MEK set fire to a bus in Tehran killing innocent passengers.

Maryam Rajavi training MEK members on ammunition use in an Iraqi training camp.

4. According to Mojahed publication, “She was elected to MKO’s Council of leadership in August 1994.”

5. According to Sima-ye Azadi TV Channel, she commanded the large terrorist military opera-tion known as “Eternal Light” [27].

Maryam Rajavi has announced she has resigned from all her responsibilities in MKO/PMOI. Undoubtedly, this claim is but a deception and disinformation campaign to cover her destructive terrorist activities.

However former cadres have made clear Maryam Rajavi’s role in heinous acts of terrorism. Most notably her orders to fighter based in Iraq during the first Gulf War led to the massacres of Shiite and Kurdish civilians including children and women:

"Mrs. Rajavi told us to kill them with tanks and try to preserve our bullets for other operations. We were forced to kill both Kurds and Shiites, and I said I didn't come here to kill other people." [28 ]

Below are listed some of the plain actions and undeniable collaborations of Maryam Rajavi with PMOI/MKO/NLA, especially her interference in appointing MKO’s officials and endorsing armed strategy, which are in obvious contradiction to what she has claimed.

1. According to Mojahed publication29: “In 1994 and during the swearing-in ceremony of mem-bers of MKO’s Council of leadership, Masoud Rajavi said: “The Council of leadership should be regarded as a great achievement, a symbol and a lofty building whose foundation was laid nine years ago . This council has especially reached its auspicious position and acquired its admiring neatness under the auspices of Maryam during the last four years, since the time she has been appointed as the First Authority of the organisation.”

2. According to Mojahed publication30: “In 1994, the members of the MKO’s council of leader-ship underwent an oath-taking ceremony in the presence of Sister Maryam Rajavi, First Authority of MKO by putting their hand on the Glorious Qur’an and swearing an affidavit.”

3. According to Iran Zamin newspaper31: “On Sunday, 3rd of September, 1995, in a gathering held in MKO’s military camps in Iraq on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of MKO’s forma-tion, Mrs. Shahrzad Sadr was appointed as a senior member of the leadership council and MKO’s First Authority by Maryam Rajavi, president- elect of NCRI”.

4. According to Mojahed publication32, during a ceremony held on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of MKO’s formation in which Beheshteh Shadrou was appointed as the First Authority in September 1999, Masoud Rajavi said: “Maryam has reminded us in her speech that many com-manders as well as the staff members of NLA have written to her saying it would be more helpful and efficient from military and operational viewpoint if Sister Mahvash Sepehri33 was relieved of her specific responsibilities in the phase of subversion.  The idea, in fact, has been raised by Maryam since late November 1998 on different occasions, especially during the weekly sessions and along with the expansion of barracks and recruitment of new forces… And now that the First Authority has been appointed, it is the appropriate time to put into action the suggestions made by Maryam. Needless to emphasize suggestions made by Maryam should be regarded as the recommendations of a good number of the Commanders and the staff members of the National Liberation Army. So, hereby I would like to introduce the acting Commander, the Chief of Staff and Deputies of NLA’s Commander-in-Chief, in the new combating regroup, to the president -elect of NCRI, to all the fighters and commanders, directorates, deputies and members of NLA’s headquarters.”

5. According to Mojahed publication34, during an interview with NCRI’s Chief of Women’s Commission and referring to the revolutionary operations carried out by MKO’s female members and NLA’s Women’s Special Tasks during February and March 2000, Maryam Rajavi claimed: “I need one thousand compeers. Whenever I talk emphatically and zealously of combat and resist-ance, I am referring to a remedy for a specific pain”. She continues: “I strongly recommend to the youths” she states, “to listen to and watch the Resistance Radio and Television programmes. They should draw up a schedule and follow those programmes. It is a must for them to take the oppor-tunity to join MKO and the National Liberation Army. They should try to do their best to reach MKO and NLA’s headquarters [in Iraq].”

6. According to Mojahed publication [35]: “In October, 2001, Mrs. Beheshteh Shadroo was appointed as the acting commander of NLA [36] by Masoud Rajavi, the Head of NCRI and his wife, Maryam Rajavi, NCRI’s president-elect.”

7. In a congratulatory message by MKO’s leadership council on the occasion of the new Iranian year (20 March, 2002), it has been mentioned: “the history of MKO has been strongly inter-woven with Maryam’s revolution.” (Mojahed publication, No. 577 dated 20 March 2001, page 4.

8. According to Mojahed publication [37]: “In November, 2002, Maryam Rajavi attended a cere-mony held in one of NLA’s camps [38] and prayed for the overthrow of the Mullah’s Regime and the success of NLA.”

9. According to Mojahed publication [39]: “The swearing-in ceremony [40] of the newly-recruited members of NLA was held in the presence of Maryam Rajavi, NCRI’s president-elect and Masoud Rajavi, the Commander- in- Chief of NLA.”

10. According to Mojahed publication [41]: “Concluding her visit to another terrorist camp of the cult, Maryam Rajavi beseeched God for His Support be extended to the leader, each and every fighter and Mojahed ”

11. According to Mojahed publication [42], in addition to leading the cult, Maryam Rajavi tries hard to raise funds from outside of Iraq and specifically in France. Within this context, Mojahed publication quoted Maryam Rajavi, as saying, “Felicitations on the occasion of the Id-e Fetr [43]. I ask you to dedicate your Fetriyeh Donation to the Mojahedin living in Ashraf City.”

12. According to Mojahed publication [44], in her message to a gathering held in the Netherlands to support fighters stationed in Ashraf Camp, Maryam Rajavi described the terrorist camp as “the freedom castle wherein the destiny of a nation and its future will be determined.”

13. Addressing the freedom fighters stationed in Ashraf city in October 2006 via a live video-conference, Maryam Rajavi, NCRI’s president-elect, congratulated them all especially Mrs. Madigan Parsee [45], leader of resistance in Ashram, and Mrs. Sedge Hussein, MKO’s First Authority …”. [46]


Officials of NCRI’s Committees and their Links to Terrorism

  • Mahmoud Attaei Karizi
  • Fereshteh Yeganeh
  • Mahmoud Azedanlou
  • Ebrahim Zakeri
  • Mohammad Ali Touhidi Khaniki
  • Mohammad Ali Jaber Zadeh
  • Mahdi Barraei
  • Hamideh Sharokhi Amiri
  • Soraya Shahri
  • Manouchehr Hezarkhani
  • Abbass Davari Fayez Pour Azar
  • Zahra Merikhi Ahangar Kalaei
  • Mahdi Abrishamchi
  • Mahdi Samae
  • Mohammad Seyyed El-Mohaddessin
  • Jalal Ganjaei
  • Saleh Rajavi


    NCRI and Money Laundering

    One of the tricks NCRI/MKO uses in Europe to fundraise is to form front associations with the purported aim of supporting Iranian children and asylum seekers. This Group, by gaining the sympathy of ignorant people and extracting money from them, has collected considerable amount of money and used it to finance its terrorist operations.

    One such association for collecting money is the “Society for the Support of Iranian Refugee Children” in Germany. Under the supervision of this front association in Köln the children who have been separated from their parents residing in “Ashraf”161 base in Iraq by NCRI/MKO are raised.

    In this regard the  German "Focus" magazine, no. 2000/29 stated:

    “Reliable information indicates that MKO, with prior intention, separated children from their families2 and secretly brought them to Germany and under the false pretences that they were orphans and homeless children, lodged them in the Child Care buildings so that it could receive governmental financial aid and then transfer it to the bank account of the  organisation.

    For this purpose the Society for the Support of Iranian Homeless Children in Köln was estab-lished in 1993. From the text of the Code of Conduct of the Society, it was obvious that these children were kept under the strict supervision of Iranian mentors, so that under a brain-washing program, prepare these children to return to Iraq and fight the Iranian State.”

    "Focus” refers to a letter sent by an Iranian youth who was trained in this child care house in Köln and who went to Iraq to his friend in Köln. In his letter written in 1998, this 16 year old Iranian youngster writes the following to his friend in Köln:

    “We were firing guns, and you can not understand how much I was excited when I was hit-ting right to the target.”

    The "Focus "magazine quoting the German Federal Criminal Police (BKA) added:

    “This Society was formed under the name of a charity organisation to collect money and other financial gains by Mojahedin Khalgh organisation.”

    The German newspapers repeatedly uncovered illegal activities of the association for the Support of Iranian Refugee Children and revealed that despite its claim for supporting Iranian child refugees and orphans, this group has collected millions of German Marks each year in a highly professional manner using money laundering methods. The money collected would then be transferred to MKO’s account. [162]

    Another example of fraud and extortion done by this group through charity organisations is the creation of “Iran Aid” in United Kingdom.

    By using this charity organisation, NCRI/MKO in the UK extracts money from people and students with abject means, even using intimidation. In this way the group collects money from the people under the guise of “Iran Aid” and in the name of helping the families of those killed or political prisoners in Iran. These shameful acts for collecting money were the reason for many com-plaints filed against the group with the UK Charity Commission. Some information and figures relating to the past two years show that this group collected annually about 2 to 4 million pounds by using the above mentioned methods. “Therefore, for the sake of clarifying the situation, a Commission entitled the “Commission of Charity Affairs” was set up to carry out extensive inves-tigations about the performance of this organisation and its purposes and the ways and means of spending the money collected. In 1997, after these investigations the Society was dissolved and its assets were confiscated.” [163]

    The other scandalous event in collecting money for terrorist operations was the arrest of 5 Iranians and 2 Americans of Iranian origin in the United States in March 1991. These people were arrested on charges of collecting more than one million dollar to finance terrorist operations. The seven men, Tahmineh Tahmtan, Mostafa Ahmadi, Hussein Afshar, Ali Reza Moradi, Hussein Rezaei, Najaf Taji Oshtofteghi and Mohammad Omidvar were later put on trial.

    The LA Times, quoting the FBI, reported that most of the money was collected from ignorant passengers in LA International Airport and transferred to MKOs’ bank accounts in Turkey.

    James Dissaro an FBI official in LA stated:

    “The FBI arrested these 7 persons after carrying out extensive investigations which lasted 3 years. It is said that all these people were members of a cell belonging to MKO. Only one of the detainees denied his affiliation to MKO. MKO members in the name of a Charity Committee for the Defence of Human Rights collected money from passengers, mostly Asians, under the false pretences of helping refugees. They showed the photos of children suffering from hunger and apparently victims of mistreatment and torture in Iran. In this way, they gained the sympathy of passengers by telling them that they want the money to help the refugees.” [164]

    According to the FBI, this group was able to collect daily about 5 to 10 thousand dollars in LA alone and for this purpose it set up a Committee by the name of “Charity Committee for the Defence of Human Rights” which is a fake name. In this way, the money collected was transferred from Los Angles to NCRI/MKO bank accounts in Turkey. According to investigating officers, the money was then distributed to different locations and in one instance more than 400,000 USD was sent to the account of a spare parts shop in United Arab Emirates.

    The interesting and noticeable point is that this terrorist group, after being included in the list of terrorist organisations by the United States and European Union, continued its illegal activities under the cover of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). This is a tactic for mis-leading European Union officials. It seems that this tactic has worked because the name of NCRI does not appear in the list of proscribed terrorist organisations of the European Union. But US officials have included the name of NCRI along with MKO in the list of terrorist organisations and have barred its activities in the US.

    After the invasion by coalition forces in Iraq and the downfall of the Ba’ath Party, NCRI became the main source of fundraising for the MKO, which illegally and secretly transferred the assets and money belonging to MKO from Iraq to Europe. In this connection, the group assigned two of its members, Jamil  Bassam and Ebrahim Khodabandeh, both having British Nationality to go to the Iraq-Syrian border and take delivery of a heavy pack containing hard currency and inner-organisation documents from other members of the group coming to the border and then take the pack to England. Iran interlink website reported:

    “Mr. Ebrahim Khodabandeh and Mr. Jamil Bassam were arrested at the border of Iraq-Syria on 18 April 2003 while smuggling lots of money and documentation belonging to MKO.” [165]

    On the same website it has also been reported that Baroness Emma Nicholson, Deputy Chairperson of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee and the Founder of “Ammar Charity” while visiting southern regions in Iran and Iraq met these two accused men. She then wrote a 13 page report and presented it to the European Parliament and UK’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs. According to that report both men claimed that they were misguided by their “cult” [166] and were unaware about the content of the pack they were carrying with them. [167]


    Presence of NCRI’s members in Iraq and their participation in Kurdish Genocide

    The Wall Street Journal reported that in March 1991, after the Persian Gulf War and the opera-tion by American Forces called Desert Storm in Iraq, Saddam Hussein, the then President of Iraq ordered Masoud Rajavi, the President of NCRI, who was at the same time the Leader and the Commander in Chief of MKO and NLA, to help Iraq in suppressing the Kurds uprising in the northern part of the country. Those who were involved in this operation have testified to this fact. [168]

    The US Department of State in a comprehensive report to  Congress at the end of 1994 also certified that NCRI/MKO forces were involved in the suppression of Iraqi Kurds by saying the fol-lowings:

    “Following the Operation dubbed “Desert Storm”, Iraqi Kurds claimed that MOW helped the Iraqi army in the suppression of Kurds. Those who fled the operation zone and took refuge near Iranian borders corroborated this allegation. [169]

    In this connection, Jalal Talebeni the Leader of the “Patriotic Movement of Iraqi Kurdistan”, (and the present Iraqi President) told reporters:

    “In Karkouk Battle, five thousands MKO members joined Saddam’s forces.” [170]

    In a book entitled “For the Judgment of History” [171], the text of the negotiation between Masoud Rajavi, the President of NCRI, with Iraq’s intelligence officials at the time of Saddam Hussein’s rule in Iraq is published. Part of the book is about negotiations between Masoud Rajavi and General Saber Eldori, the then Head of Iraq’s Intelligence Service, right after the 1991 uprising in Iraq. From these negotiations the role of the Leader and members of NCRI in the suppression of the Iraqi people and the extent of their loyalty to Saddam Hussein’s Regime becomes clear.

    “General Saber: The President (Saddam Hussein) thanked and appreciated Brother Masoud Rajavi and NLA for the valuable contribution of this army in the suppression of the recent agita-tions. I explained to him, in detail, the role played by the organisation in this suppressive opera-tion. In the course of operation, I was reporting minute after minute your activities and told him that organisation. Despite little facilities at your disposal and we are sorry that we cannot satisfy all your needs, you have done a great job, beyond our expectations. …I have asked the President to send a thank you letter to Masoud, but the President told me that sending a letter is not enough and he should meet Masoud in person and thank him himself.” [172]

    The documentary film of the meeting between Masoud Rajavi, President of NCRI and the Head of the Intelligence Service of Iraq is attached. [173]

    Other members of NCRI who accompanied Masoud Rajavi, the President of NCRI, in this meeting and were involved directly in the genocide of 1991 were:

    1Mehdi Abrishamchi, Head of NCRI’s Peace Committee 2Abass Davari, Head of NCRI’s Labour Committee 3Ebrahim Zakeri, Head of NCRI’s Security and Counter Terrorism Committee 4Mahdi Boraei, Member of NCRI

    It is noteworthy to mention Masoud Rajavi, the President of NCRI was in charge of com-manding this genocide operation dubbed “Pearl Operation” against the Kurds. Furthermore, according to the testimonies of the members of NCRI, Mrs. Fereshteh Yeganeh, Chair of Educations and Training Committee of NCRI was responsible for providing logistics and sup-port for the operation. [174]

    The crime of genocide against Iraqi Kurds was committed in March 1991 in two regions in the northern parts of Iraqi Kurdistan namely “Kafri” and “Kalar”. The Governor of Iraq’s Kurdistan province in a statement issued the names of persons killed, injured or captured by MKO forces.

    The names of those who lost their lives as a result of this operation are as follows:

    1. Samad Rahim Hassan Mohammad
    2. Ali Mahmoud Khalil
    3. Aboubakr Saddigh Hussein
    4. Mostafa Mohammad Saddigh
    5. Hussein Rahim Hassan
    6. Sami Nasser Ismaeil
    7. Servat Ahmad Rahim
    8. Omar Ashraf Majid
    9. Borham Ali Rostam
    10. Ali Mahmoud Khalifeh Hamid
    11. Aziz Ahmad Mohammad Ali
    12. Mohammad Ahmad Mohammad Ali
    13. Salah O Edin Mohammad Ahmad Rahim
    14. Najib Hussein Hassan
    15. Farhad Rahman Rahim
    16. Ali Abdollah Sadigh
    17. Samad Rahim Hassan
    18. Jamileh Hassan Hamid
    19. Salar Mohammad Amin
    20. Adalat Jabbar Hussein
    21. Ahamad Mohammad Ghader Mahmoud
    22. Mohammad Hussein Hamid
    23. Jalal Hussein Abodllah
    24. Mohammad Ebrahim Abdollah Farah
    25. Aziz Mohammad Hadar
    26. Rafigh Farigh Rahim
    27. Sareif Faeigh Maha El Din
    28. Hakim Aziz Ahmad
    29. Abdolkarim Abdolrahman Fattah
    30. Omar Mohammad Amin
    31. Hamid Fattah Mohmmad
    32. Yadegar Halah
    33. Glaviz Abdolgahder Abdolkarim
    34. Akram Ali Rostam
    35. Ali Hassan Abdolrahman
    36. Adalat Jabar Hussein
    37. Kaveh Dara Ahmad
    38. Aref Baban
    39. Adnan Mahmoud
    40. Adnan Hassan Ahmad
    41. Haji Mahmoud Mohammad Rashid
    42. Omar Mahmoud Mohammad
    43. Osman Mohammad Gharib
    44. Shokr Rashid Najmeh
    45. Shalan Rashid Najmeh
    46. Salar Hamid Raouf
    47. Omar Ahmad Hassan
    48. Nomid Omar Saleh
    49. Dara Rashid Abdolgader
    50. Mohammad Rashid Ghanbar
    51. Ali Hassan Lafteh
    52. Jalil Khalil Ebrahim
    53. Mohammad Shokr
    54. Loghman Abdolrahim Fars
    55. Tahssin Saeid Abdollah
    56. Ehssan Vahab
    57. Talaat Shokat Majid
    58. Mohammad Namegh Tabib
    59. RibovarAhmad Mohammad
    60. Majid Aziz Abdollah
    61. Omar Ahmad Solyman
    62. Zojiya Fazel Marhoud Owdah
    63. Lyla Fazel Marhoud Owdah
    64. Bakir Ali Saleh
    65. Borham Jabar Majal
    66. Maheh Mohammad Rahim Karim
    67. Youssef Hussein Ali Ghader
    68. Mohmmad Sharief Mohammad Saeid
    69. Nor Edin Ali Ahmad
    70. Noshirvan Ahmad Rostam
    71. Ali Ahmad Abdollah
    72. Osman Ghader Sadoun
    73. Abdorahman Ahmad Karim Khadr
    74. Omran Krim Mohammad Saleh
    75. Fatah Ahmad Ali
    76. Hussein Abdolrahman Ahmad
    77. Adel Mahmoud Saeid Sharief
    78. Loghman Mohammad Saleh Madouf
    79. Omar Mohah Saeid Ahmad

    The death certificates of some of those killed in this massacre are attached. [175]

    List of those who were injured as a result of this operation:

    1. Hadim Hussein Ali (injured in the feet and abdomen)
    2. Hassan Ahmad Rahim (injured in the toes and abdomen)
    3. Khalil Ebrahim Abdolghader  (injured in the neck)
    4. Nori Sofi Mahmoud Khossrow  (injured in eyes and hands)
    5. Jamal Vahid Amin  (injured in throat)
    6. Hoywa Mohammad Ahmad
    7. Mojhdeh Hussein Darvish
    8. Khandeh Hussein Darvish  (injured in the right hand)
    9. Hussein Darvish Ahmad
    10. Hatam Mahmoud Vahab Mohammad
    11. Dara Ahmad Ali (injured in the abdomen, head and feet)
    12. Nabard Assi Mohammad
    13. Hmzeh Mohammad Darvish
    14. Shilan Mohammad Darvish
    15. Salmeh Mohammad Abdoljabar

    The medical certificates and some photos of those injured in this operation are attached. [176]

    List of those who were captured and jailed in the prisons belonging to NCRI Group for almost five months are as follows:

    1. Abdollah Mohammad Rashid
    2. Ebrahim Mohammad Rashid
    3. Adel Saleh Mohammad
    4. Salar Mohammad Khan
    5. Mohammad Javad Solyman
    6. Shalan Hassan Fathollah
    7. Mohammad Hassan Ali
    8. Mohammad Ali Fars
    9. Edris Ghader Shaker
    10. Jalal Hassan Kaki
    11. Omar Hassan Mohammad
    12. Shir Ali Sharief
    13. Mostafa Hassan Mohammad

    The photos of some of those who were imprisoned are attached. [177]


    Read the full report on

    A Terrorist Group with Different Faces, A Survey of Terrorist Nature of MEK, PMOI, NCRI & NLA


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    Human Rights Abuses Inside the Mojahedin Khalq Camps
    French Farsi/Persian


    I. Summary

    II. Background

    III. Rise of Dissent inside the MKO

    IV. Human Rights Abuses in the MKO Camps

    V. Testimonies

    May 2005


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    Report on the situation of remaining members of Mojahedin Khalq Organisation in Camp Ashraf after Consultation with Iraqi Government officials

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    Human Rights Abuses Inside the Mojahedin Khalq Camps


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    Report on the situation of remaining members of Mojahedin Khalq Organisation in Camp Ashraf after Consultation with Iraqi Government officials

    Khattars appeal the Iraqi authorities to investigate the suspicious death of their son in the camp of Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (Rajavi cult)

    Sahar Family Foundation (SFF) to aid the families of the MKO members

    (Mehdi Abrishamchi and Massoud Rajavi taking orders from Saddam's head of secret services)

    (Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, cult leaders)

    (Maryam Rajavi directly ordered the massacre of Kurdish people)

    (A cult session in Ashraf Camp Iraq - under the protection of Saddam)

    (Chemical attack on Halabche, Kurdistan, Iraq) 

    (British Lord!! Corbett promoting terrorism under the Logo of MKO for the past 25 years)

    (In the streets of London with Lord Corbett!!)

  • Date:  2008-12-12

    Terror In The Name Of Democracy: Initiation of Armed Revolt
    National Council of Resistance (Mojahedin Khalq Rajavi cult) terrorist Group HQ in France
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