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Open letter to Mr. David Kilgour and some other 250 Canadians Who support Mojahedin,





Dear Mr. Kilgour,                                                                     Nov.12, 2006

We are writing to you to express our sadness and disappointed by your standing alongside of Mojahedin Khalgh, the days before “Remembrance Day” that so many Canadian soldiers sacrificed their lives to fight for

liberty against fascism.  Your support of MKO or MEK and NCRI is a slap in the face of those soldiers who died because MEK is a violent, undemocratic and Stalinist organization that systematically has been violating human rights in their organization for so many years. For instance, they took youth under age 16 from to in 1997 and d1998. They kept one Canadian, against his will from 2000 to 2004 (National post report -26 Sep 2006).  

The first principal for an honest politician is to be responsible before people and to be اtransparent to the public. There is not a word on the status of the leader of MKO, (MEK, NCRI) who has disappeared since 2003 in that proves they are hiding something from public.  

Also, if somebody supporting MEK who has been financially and militarily sponsored by Sadam Hussein, from 1988 to 2003, then why not supporting Sadam Hussein?  

Charter of rights is a principal of Canadian society then how can you  tell Canadian on your support from a violent group which alongside of I.R.I has created a cycle of bloodshed, torture and terror that cost lives of thousands of Iranians and forced millions of Iranians to fled Iran .    

May we ask you when was the last election in the organization that has observed by non affiliated people or to be covered by media? .the answer is never. All the totalitarian regimes such as Sadam Hussein, Robert Mugabe, , Kim Ill Sung, Dictator of N. Korea, and valiye- faghih of I.R.I. are declaring their election free that is not true   

Masoud Rajavi , the leader of MKO  called himself as the  leader of  new revaluation of Iran “ since 1981, at the start of the armed struggle against I.R.I,. Also, he appointed his wife, Maryam Rajavi, as the leader of MKO in 1988 and then president of in 1989.  How can somebody support an undemocratic organization that has no idea of a free election? Free election is the way that people to practice their power in a democracy. Election is the soul of every democracy and the best tool to distinguish between a democracy and dictatorial system.  

MKO is infamous among Iranian and activists include independent and partisan politicians in .Also, vast majority of Iranian – Canadian community who fled loathe the group for their violence activities   

 Supporting MKO means more bloodshed, violence and gives green light for the group to continue violation of human rights.

 Thus,   Supporting MKO is abusing the freedom of speech in because it is spread of hatred

Any support of MKO until the group has not publicly denounced any kind of violence and has not respected the human rights is against peace and humanity.  

Any support of MKO until, the leaders have publicly not answered the serious accusations on some of the disappearance of the members such as Saeed Noroozi , whose family are Canadians , the allegations of torture and death treats against dissidents an critics of the group can be challenged in the Canadian human rights tribunal.   

Please bring this matter to your attention that supporting MKO will not help Iranian democracy movement and will not help to restore the human right in .   

By the way, it looks that some MPs feel they are upper than the Canadian law because they are supporting a terrorist organization that is listed in the terrorist list of  

We urge you to respects the law to be a role model for immigrants and not a bad model for them. .  

Yours Truly   

Pars- Iran





































Date:  2006-11-19

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