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TIMELINE Significant Dates in Mojahedin History




Significant Dates in Mojahedin History


1965 People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran founded based on revolutionary armed struggle to free Iran from capitalism, imperialism, reactionary Islamic forces and despotism. Founder members Mohammad Hanif Nezhad, Saied Mohsen and Ali-Asghar Badi’Zadegan.

1966 Massoud Rajavi (born in Tabas, 1948) joined in 1966 when he studied political law at Tehran University.

1969 Rajavi became a member of the 12 member Central Committee of the Mojahedin.

1971 Mojahedin started their armed struggle – killing 6 American advisors

1971 Mass-arrests of members by SAVAK (the shah’s secret service) including Rajavi. Kazem Rajavi began an international campaign from Switzerland to have the death sentences of all Mojahedin prisoners commuted to life.

1972 All Central Committee members executed except Rajavi.

February 1979 – Rajavi released from prison as the revolution swept away the monarchy. Rajavi became spokesman for the Mojahedin. 12 member Central Committee take up leadership of Mojahedin.

4 November 1979 Occupation of the American Embassy in Tehran by ‘Students following the line of the Imam’.

November 1979 Mojahedin militia formed.

1980 Presidential Elections in Iran for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Rajavi’s candidature for President rescinded by Khomeini.

1980 Iraq invades southern Iran and war is declared between the two nations.

May 1981 Khomeini dismisses Abol Hassan Bani Sadr as President.

20th June 1981 (30th Khordad 1361) Mojahedin hold a spontaneous demonstration of 500,000 supporters who marched on parliament (Majlis). Khomeini orders crackdown and over 30 are killed. Beginning of mass arbitrary arrests and execution.

29th July 1981 Rajavi and Bani Sadr escape to Paris and together establish the National Council of Resistance of Iran. The NCRI has 12 members including the Mojahedin.

8th February 1982 Mousa Khiabani the Mojahedin’s Commander inside Iran is killed in a gun battle with Khomeini’s forces. Rajavi’s wife Ashraf Rabii is also killed. Rajavi marries Bani Sadr’s daughter Firouzeh.

24th March 1983 Bani Sadr publicly announces his separation from the NCRI because of disagreements over Rajavi’s relations with Iraq.

1983 Mojahedin forced out of bases in Iranian Kurdistan by Iranian Pasdaran. Rajavi signs a Peace Treaty with Iraq and Mojahedin forces establish camps in Iraqi Kurdistan.

1984 Rajavi divorces Firouzeh

February 1985 Rajavi marries Maryam Abrishamchi (nee Azodanlou) in a public (members) ceremony after she divorces her husband, Central Committee member Mehdi Abrishamchi. Rajavi declares himself and Maryam co-leaders of the Mojahedin and terms this an ‘Ideological Revolution’.

14th April 1985 Rajavi expels the Kurdish Democratic Party led by Ghassemlou from the NCRI.

1986 France asks Rajavi to leave Paris.

June 1986 Rajavi takes the Mojahedin headquarters to Iraq.

June 1987 Mojahedin forces receive training from the Iraqi army and the National Liberation Army of Iran (NLA) is established. Maryam Rajavi appointed Deputy Commander in Chief of the NLA.

7 December 1987 The French government expel 14 Mojahedin members to Gabon a former French colony in Africa. Mojahedin establish hunger strikes in front of French embassies in Europe for over 40 days before the members are returned.

18 June 1988 Operation Chehel Cheraq into Iran reaches Mehran city.

3 July An Iranian airbus downed by USS Vincennes. All 293 passengers killed. Massoud Rajavi condemned the US action.

18 July 1988 Iran and Iraq accept UN Security Council Resolution 598 to end their eight year war.

25 July 1988 the Mojahedin undertake operation Forouq-e Javidan, a military invasion of Iran which is ambushed by the Iranian military. Over 2000 Mojahedin forces are killed.

20 August 1988 cease-fire effective between Iran and Iraq after eight years of war.

3rd June 1989 death of Khomeini.

October 1989 Rajavi announces the Internal Revolution. Maryam is appointed Secretary General of the Mojahedin. Rajavi declares himself ideological leader of the resistance movement. Married members are required to divorce.

1991 Mojahedin Central Committee expanded to several hundred members.

February 1991 The Gulf War. Rajavi orders children to be evacuated from Iraq and sent to the west for fostering.

March 1991 Morvarid operation in which Mojahedin forces use tanks to quell Kurdish rebellions in the north of Iraq.

18th October 1991 NLA military parade held in Ashraf camp, Iraq as a show of military strength.

19th October 1991 Eleven more members added to the NCRI making it 22 strong.

April 1992 Iran bombs Mojahedin bases in Iraq. Mojahedin launch simultaneous arson attacks on Iranian embassies in thirteen western capitals.

21 December 1992 NCRI expanded from 21 to 150 members to include Mojahedin personnel

August 1993 NCRI expanded to 235 members to include more Mojahedin personnel. NCRI sets up eighteen committees. NCRI decides to elect Maryam Rajavi as President of the Democratic Islamic Republic of Iran [after overthrow of the current Islamic Republic of Iran].

10th August 1993 Mojahedin elect all-women Leadership Council of 12 members and 12 deputies. The Mojahedin Central Committee is trebled from 1991 levels to 2,600 members.

October 1993 Maryam Rajavi made President elect for the future Iran by the NCRI. Fahimeh Arvani appointed Secretary General of the Mojahedin.

1993 Maryam Rajavi sent to France to win back western political support.

1994 US Foreign Affairs Committee commission the State Department to report on the Mojahedin. The subsequent report describes the Mojahedin a personality cult and says that the organisation is terrorist in nature.

August 1995 NCRI expanded to 560 members. Committees increased from 18 to 25.

October 1995 Maryam Rajavi visits Norway and addresses City Hall, Oslo.

21 June 1996 Earl’s Court concert held in London. Maryam Rajavi speaks.

June 1996 Maryam Rajavi speaks to a private meeting of British parliamentarians.

August 1996 NCRI now has 572 members. Only 6 are political parties, including the Mojahedin organisation.

1996 Maryam Rajavi recalled to Iraq by her husband after the failure of her mission.

1996 UK Charity Commission begins investigation into Iran Aid Charity over alleged fundraising for Mojahedin.

1997 UK Charity Commission close Iran Aid Charity.

1997 Mojahedin withdraw all personnel to Iraq. Launch at least ten cross-border attacks on Iran.

October 1997 US State Department designates the Mojahedin a terrorist organisation according to the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of the same year.

April 1999 the Mojahedin targeted key military officers and assassinated the deputy chief of the Iranian Armed Forces General Staff.

February 2000 Mojahedin launch operation Great Bahman with a dozen military attacks against Iran.

April 2000 the Mojahedin attempted to assassinate the commander of the Nasr Headquarters, Tehran’s interagency board responsible for coordinating policies on Iraq.

United Kingdom lists Mojahedin as a proscribed organisation under the Terrorism Act 2000.

11 September 2001 Mojahedin make no comment on terrorism following the World Trade Centre disaster.

21 December 2001 German High Court closes 25 Mojahedin bases in Germany over social security misuse and fraud. Several million marks had been used to buy weapons.

2000 and 2001 the Mojahedin was involved regularly in 213 mortar attacks and hit-and-run raids on Iranian military and law enforcement units and government buildings near the Iran-Iraq border.

May 2002
European Union places Mojahedin on its list of terrorist entities.

18 April 2003
Mojahedin armed forces in Iraq agree a ceasefire with US Commanders

20 April 2003 Mojahedin armed forces in Iraq agree to disarm under US control

3 June 2003 Australian Federal Police raid 10 Mojahedin bases in
Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

11 June 2003 Iranian students protest in Tehran

17 June 2003
French Police raid Mojahedin headquarters in Paris - arrest leader's wife Maryam Rajavi and over 150 others on the orders of the anti-terrorist judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere

20 June 2003 Anniversary of Mojahedin's mass demonstration in Iran 1981

20 June 2003 Four Iranians have so far taken part in the fire protests in London this week, after the arrests in Paris of 150 members of the Iranian opposition group, the People's Mojahedin.

24 July 2003 Mojahedin in Iraq refuse to allow families into their camps to visit their relatives

29 July 2003
News reports from Australia implicated Mojahedin activists in an arson attack on a French school

29 July 2003
Maryam Rajavi in court. French judge questions Rajavi for 6 hours

15 August 2003 US
State Department Amends Terrorist Designation of Mojahedin-e Khalq to add its aliases National Council of Resistance (NCR) and National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

September 2003 Mojahedin repeatedly talked of as pawns in a power game between the Pentagon and Iran

11 September 2003 Richard Boucher in a State Department Press Briefing reiterated firstly that "the MEK is a terrorist organization; second of all, that we are not going to allow terrorist organizations to exist or operate inside Iraq."

27 September 2003 Mojahedin deny 300 families of Mojahedin members access to their relatives

2 October 2003 US State Department re-designates the Mojahedin and NCRI as terrorist entities

10 October 2003 Shirin Ebadi wins Nobel Peace Prize

14 October 2003 FOX News introduces Mojahedin spokesman Alireza Jafarzadeh as its Iran expert

14 October 2003 Canadian Judge Gladys MacPherson rules Mojahedin a terrorist organization prompting a crackdown on Mojahedin finances and activities there

16 October 2003 'Transformations may mark demise of Mujahideen'

22 October 2003 Continued speculation over a possible swap between Iran held Al Qaida operatives and US held Mojahedin operatives

28 October 2003
Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee "We shouldn't have been signing a cease-fire with a foreign terrorist organization."

6 November 2003 German Intelligence Service exposes a Mojahedin fraud

25 November 2003 Iran Ready to Offer Amnesty for Low Ranking MKO Members: Jalil Talabani

3 December 2003 British House of Lords Debate says fall of Saddam Hussein exposes Mojahedin as
international terrorists with six massive military bases inside Iraq

10 December 2003 Iraqi Governing Council votes unanimously to expel Mojahedin from Iraq

26 December 2003 Earthquake in Bam, Iran

27 December 2003 Maryam Rajavi convenes meeting of top Mojahedin officials in Europe to explore ways to exploit the Bam earthquake and raise funds under this banner

30 December 2003 Al Jazeera airs videotape secretly filmed by Saddam Hussein's Intelligence officials of Massoud Rajavi accepting tanks, and money from Saddam's Secret Service

6 January 2004 Seventeen Mojahedin members in US captivity in Iraq have links to Canada but Mojahedin will not let them go - demands whole terrorist organization be taken out together

14 January 2004 American Red Cross implicated in involvement in a Mojahedin fundraiser ostensibly for Bam victims to be held January 24 to promote Maryam Rajavi and raise funds

21 January 2004 US Attorney General John Ashcroft to investigate a charity event for ties to an Iranian terrorist group backed by Saddam Hussein

22 January 2004 U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo backed out of plans to speak at the fundraiser connected to the Mojahedin

24 January 2004 Mojahedin's financial contacts with foreign terrorists in Norway uncovered

24 January 2004 Former Mojahedin members hold press conference in Baghdad to demand help from the international community to free dissidents inside the organization who are in Mojahedin prisons

27 January 2004
Iraqi newspaper Al Mada revealed Mojahedin received illegal oil money from Saddam

29 January 2004 Pentagon Advisor Richard Perle criticized for speaking at Mojahedin fundraiser

6 February 2004 Sky News reports film showing Rajavi plotting with Saddam's Security chief for terrorist activities inside and outside Iraq. The film includes transfer of large amounts of money to finance the operations

16 March 2004 Families of MKO members appeal to international agencies to stop MKO from preventing them visiting their relatives

17 March 2004 Five MKO members are killed in an armed clash with police in Iraq

14 April 2004 Italian police raid MKO bases in Italy - seize large amounts of documents and computers. Italian police acted to prevent the transfer of MKO HQ in Baghdad to Rome

15 April 2004 Canadian Intelligence Service briefs MP about MKO threat after he is misled into helping them

May 2004 US Department of State Patterns of Global Terrorism 2003 updates MKO and NCRI listing as terrorist entity

11 May 2004 Stat Roo magazine reports 12 women MKO leaders have refugee status revoked in Germany

17 May 2004 Nejat Association reports the continuing arrival in Iran of dissenting MKO who have fled Ashraf camp. Dissent is rife inside the camp say the escapees

24 May 2004 UK Labour MP Steve McCabe accused of supporting terrorism as he attends NCRI meeting. In August 2003 the USA designated the NCRI part of the MKO/PMOI terrorist entity

14 June 2004 Win Griffiths, MP, Sir Teddy Taylor, MP, an independent journalist and Iran-Interlink visit Ebrahim Khodabandeh and Jamil Bassam and other MKO prisoners in Evin prison, Tehran

17 June 2004 Former MKO members seminar in Paris to raise awareness of MKO involvement in Iraqi terrorism, war crimes and human rights abuses

17 June 2004 One year anniversary of arrest of Maryam Azdonlou (aka Rajavi) in Paris. Azdonlou is still awaiting trial on terrorism charges

30 June 2004 Ali Reza Jaafar Zadeh, MKO spokesman in FOX News, continues to be exposed as a peddler of unsubstantiated rumours

9 July 2004 US Court of Appeals upholds decision that NCRI and MKO are terrorist entities

26 July 2004 Mojahedin in Ashraf camp, Iraq granted 'protected status' under Fourth Geneva Convention. US State Department stresses it still regards MKO as a terrorist entity and is in talks to repatriate individual members to Iran on a voluntary basis

2 September 2004 Iranian judiciary prepares a complaint against Mojahedin to present in to an Iraqi special court

13 September 2004 Mojahedin duped Swedish schoolchildren into attending a pro-MKO demo in Brussels, along with paying tens of Afghan refugees to pose as Iranian supporters

14 September 2004 Jack Straw, UK Foreign Secretary told reporters there were no grounds for removing MKO from terror list: "they were and remain a terrorist organization".

29 September 2004 Mojahedin agent in Germany arrested after kidnap attempt on former member in Cologne shopping street

30 September 2004 Chief U.S. weapons inspector Charles Duelfer reports Saddam Hussein used the United Nations-managed Oil-for-Food program to provide millions of dollars in subsidies to Mojahedin

October 2004 First voluntary repatriations begun from Camp Ashraf under auspices of Red Cross and Red Crescent. Seven former Mojahedin members returned successfully to their families.

19 November 2004 Antiwar Americans and Iranians protest against Mojahedin in Washington

20 November 2004 Draft statement for Sharm Al Sheikh conference deals with Mojahedin Khalq as a foreign terrorist group in Iraq

20 December 2004 A US federal appeals court Monday reinstated indictments against seven defendants accused of raising money for a terrorist organization with links to ousted Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein.

20 December 2004 28 former Mojahedin members voluntarily repatriated from Camp Ashraf.

12 January 2005 13 former Mojahedin members voluntarily repatriated from Camp Ashraf.

10 February 2005 German police ban Mojahedin rally in Berlin over fears of violence by the group.

24 February 2005 British academic Ali Ansari wins public apology after slander trial over comments made in the Mojahedin's book Enemies of the Ayatollahs by Mohammed Mohaddessin. Publisher Zed Books Ltd agreed not to republish the book and all relevant copies of the book had been recalled and the offending material destroyed

25 February 2005 Over 230 former Mojahedin members attended a meeting in the ICRI office in Baghdad to formally request to be freed and repatriated to Iran.

9 March 2005 A new group of 132 former Mojahedin members repatriated. Another group of 100 returned to Iran earlier this month.

29 March 2005 former Mojahedin members protest to French parliament to help free Rajavi's captives from Iraqi camp.



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