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Human Rights Issue, MKO’s Predicament

Human Rights Issue, MKO’s Predicament  

Jahanbakhsh Rahnama 

24 May 2006

On 18 May 2006, Human Rights Watch published a 28-page report entitled “No Exit: Human Rights Abuses Inside the MKO Camps” that gave details on the group’s violation of human rights against its insiders. The report vexed Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), a terrorist group blacklisted by the US and a number of Western countries including the UK, Canada, Germany, and the EU, to breathe fire. Through the past year, they have shown strong reaction against the report. They widely criticized the report and strongly objected to the raised allegations calling it the outcome of a “complex misinformation campaign by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security” against Mojahedin.


Regardless of its slanders, Mojahedin has long kept to a policy of threat and violence, and has even in some cases issued verdicts of revolutionary executions, against the separated members. In an attempt to equal the Western resistance moves, not least the France Resistance, Mojahedin aims to justify atrocities done against the quitters who appeal to quit the struggle to start an ordinary life. It has repeatedly warned, in many TV programs, the quitters that they would have no better destiny than the quitters of France Resistance after the downfall of Iran’s current ruling. We have nothing to do with whether these resistances agree to have exerted violence; the question is what harms all these quitters could have done to resistances after they preferred to start a life like all other people for whom they claimed to be fighting?


It is a given natural right for all insiders of a campaigning political party and organization to quit and separate for personal causes, ideological controversies, changed political opinions and whatever causes. If Mojahedin denies such a right, that is because it is not merely a political current. During its four decades of struggle, Mojahedin has shown harsh reactions against whoever ceased to steer along with the struggle line for ideological and personal causes. To quit the organization is deemed an inexcusable betrayal and the quitter can compensate his betrayal in no way but his life. Unlike other left organizations that in spite of a dominant centralized, democratic hegemony respect the right for the insiders to separate, Mojahedin’s cult-like parameters are tyrannically theorized; whoever is killed for the causes of the organization is respected as a martyr while the quitters are labeled as the infiltrated agents working for the Iranian Intelligence ministry. It calls the quitters many names, traitors, spies, infiltrated agents, quislings, and so. Mojahedin never explains according to which articles of Human Rights Declaration behave so insolently and easily issue death warrants.


Joe Stork of Human Rights in response to Mojahedin’s rejection of the report states “it would be a huge mistake to promote an opposition group that is responsible for serious human rights abuses”. The report definitely details on abusing the rights of dissident members who had asked to quit the organization and that it subjected the “dissident members to torture and prolonged solitary confinement” as well as reporting “two cases of death under interrogation”. Fortunately or unfortunately, the world is not informed of the groups’ long violations of human rights against its insiders. The world would, for sure, be shocked to hear that in the modern world there exists an avant-garde organization deeply indulged in appalling deeds, known to have been practiced mostly in the Middle Ages, against its own members. The atrocious deeds that Mojahedin rejects them by calling allegations are sheer truths long veiled from the outside world.  

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Date:  2006-06-13

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